Paul F. Johnson  (P.J. Lawton)

     Paul F. Johnson

 (P.J. Lawton)

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I'm Paul F. Johnson and I write under the pen-name P.J. Lawton.  My writing credentials now include three Winston Simon private detective mystery-adventure novels, Lethal Option, Lethal Judgment, and Lethal Knowledge, Time Ripples, a time travel mystery novel, and The Adventures of Majestic Kane, Galactic P.I., a Sci-Fi private detective mystery novel. My e-books include Tiny Voices, Keeping Promises, Future Shock, Destiny’s Quest, The Face of Evil, and Zero Gravity, in the paranormal and Sci-Fi genres now also published in two anthologies. I also published a ten e-book series on my Majestic Kane novel along with four children’s books in my Timmy Adventures series. Now fully retired, I stay busy working on several writing projects and as a reviewer for on-line review sites. 

My Personal Infomation:
United States Air Force  1966-1969
Cameron University, Lawton Oklahoma 
         Bachelor of Business Administration 1994
United States Army Retired  1994
        Member: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans
United States Air Force Civilian Retired 2008
Contact Email: [email protected]

On the left is my latest  book, Connor Store, Space Detective soon to be published. 

On the worlds making up the Sigma Galaxy there’s always an abundance of criminals, some human, some not, all unified in their efforts to prey on the unfortunate, the weak, and the defenseless. That is until they cross paths with Connor Stone, ex-Enforcement Officer, now CPD, Citizen Private Detective.

Through a series of his most dangerous cases, Stone is called upon to do what he does best, to ply his trade as the toughest Private Detective in the entire Sigma Galaxy. Stone strives to even the odds, to help those in need, and to do whatever it takes to make things right in the Galaxy. Most often he finds himself in harsh, extremely dangerous situations. That’s okay though, like most natives of the planet Grega, Stone wouldn’t have it any other way