Paul F. Johnson  (P.J. Lawton)

     Paul F. Johnson

 (P.J. Lawton)

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Moving In Shadows: An anthology of nine para-normal short stories. Stories of the unexplained, the strange, and unexpected. Stories that ask, what if?

Random Singularity: An anthology of eight science fiction and space stories in the classic Space Opera style , and more....

Timmy Meets the Tadpole Twins:  Every year Timmy spends the summer with his grandparents on their farm. This year things are a little different. The day before he goes home, Timmy is asked to help someone in need. At first surprised by who needs the help, he quickly agrees to do what he can. In no time at all, Timmy is on his way to save the day. What a way for the summer to end. Along with making new friends, Timmy will have an adventure to last a lifetime.

Timmy Takes a Ride: Timmy just loves balloons, all types of balloons. He is especially fascinated with the gigantic hot air balloons. For his birthday, Timmy wishes for a hot air balloon ride, but his parents feel he is too young. Instead, they take him to a large balloon festival to watch the magnificent site. Once there Timmy sees his chance to get a closer look. However, he gets a little more than just a look.
Timmy Makes a Friend: Timmy is on vacation in the Great American South West. While visiting a wildlife refuge Timmy goes exploring, only to become lost. While looking for his family he comes across a baby buffalo calf that has become separated from its mother and is now trapped. Timmy frees the calf and together they journey to look for their families, along the way meeting some rather remarkable characters. Timmy soon realizes that on this day, he's made a new friend. 
Timmy and the Wheel: On Timmy's first trip to the County Fair carnival he sees the magnificent Ferris wheel. Timmy is determined to have a ride the next time the carnival comes to town but his hopes are dashed when his wheel is replaced with an enormous double Ferris wheel. Timmy is hesitant to ride the giant and is branded Mister Chicken by his school mates. Determined not to be further humiliated, Timmy is reluctant to go to the fair again. But, once there he has a decision to make. To get rid of Mister Chicken once and for all he must take a ride.