Paul F. Johnson  (P.J. Lawton)

     Paul F. Johnson

 (P.J. Lawton)

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MuseItUp Publishing: P.J. Lawton  (Page One)

The Adventures of Majestic Kane, Galactic P.I. Series

Parts 1-5 of 10

Simulated Justice:  It was to be a simple job, just a couple of hours protection work down in Terra’s slum area,Worktown. Suddenly, this simple job becomes much more complicated with threats and double crosses. And that doesn’t include the killer androids. All in all though, it’s just another day’s work for Galactic P.I. Majestic Kane.
Obstructed Vengeance:  A sadistic cold-blooded killer is loose inside the domes on Terra. Galactic P.I. Majestic Kane soon learns the deaths are acts of vengeance against him, his friends, and acquaintances. To end the slaughter, Kane must put everything on the line to stop a madman, before it’s too late…
Mistaken Abduction: On New Axon, the gambling capital of the galaxy, some bad guys kidnapped a wealthy man’s child. But they made one big, deadly mistake. They took Galactic P.I. Majestic Kane’s daughter as well. Kane really loves his daughter. They shouldn’t have done that…
 Holiday Blues: It’s the holiday season on Terra and someone has lost their holiday spirit. After several corner sidewalk Santa’s are killed, Galactic P.I. Majestic Kane is employed to find out who and why. The who, he quickly finds are old enemies, killer androids, but the why, well, that’s another story. It doesn’t matter though, Kane’s been given one simple task, make those responsible pay.
Night Blaze: A new highly addictive and extremely dangerous drug has come from the outlying words to Terra. In a fight for control of this lethal substance, some innocent citizens are killed. One is the child of a wealthy influential bureaucrat. Galactic P.I. Majestic Kane is hired for one simple task, find the source and destroy it no matter what it takes, before more innocent people die.