Paul F. Johnson  (P.J. Lawton)

     Paul F. Johnson

 (P.J. Lawton)

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Smashwords Publishing: P.J. Lawton

Future Shock: After receiving frightening glimpses of the future, a young woman decides to take no chances-she has to leave immediately- if she is going to survive. 

Also available as part of my my para-normal anthology Moving in Shadows.
Zero Gravity--A Good Day to Die: When his ship is pirated by escaped war criminals out to rekindle an all out space war, Captain Trace Thomas knows he is the only one able to stop them. The problem is how to get it done. Finally he finds the answer—zero gravity.

 Also available in my Sci-Fi anthology Random Singularity. 
 Destiny's Quest: It was the same recurring dream. Was it really a dream? Each time someone was reaching out to her. That someone, she now believed, was her dead mother. 

Also available as part of my para-normal anthology Moving in Shadows. 
Passing Shadows: Unpublished and replace by Moving in Shadows: See Create Space publishing.
Terminal Velocity : Unpublished and replaced by Random Singularity: See Create Space publishing