Paul F. Johnson  (P.J. Lawton)

     Paul F. Johnson

 (P.J. Lawton)

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Solstice Publishing: P.J. Lawton

Lethal Option: Tough-Guy Private Investigator Winston Simon falls in love with beautiful surgeon Lana Elmore. They plan to marry but there is one major stumbling block. Simon has a penchant for making people mad, sometimes really mad. His fiancé wants him to give up being a P.I or else, and then there’s the drug cartel that wants him--dead. To be, or not to be a P.I. Now, that’s a question.

Lethal Judgment:  Judgment Day is coming… Relentless in his quest for retribution, P.I. Winston Simon is shot at, banged up, and literally blown away as he pursues the villains against whom he’s sworn vengeance. To reach his goal he must face bad people who want him dead. After a serious injury and another lengthy recovery, a succession of stressful cases contributes to his journey of revenge, culminating with a day of reckoning and a final lethal judgment filled with flames, blinding pain, and death. Is this life-changing ordeal finally over for Winston Simon, or is it simply the beginning?

Lethal Knowledge: Distracted by a murder charge lodged against his daughter, semi-retired P.I. Winston Simon never expected to again find himself face-to-face with the terrorist Atesh. Now his country’s new ambassador to the United Nations, Atesh is also the mastermind of an ominous threat against the United States—a plot so evil that all previous U.S. terror attacks would pale in comparison. Fearful that he will be recognized and Homeland Security alerted, Atesh devises a plan to put an end to Simon, once and for all.Simon’s daughter needs him and he isn’t about to be stopped by a little thing like bad guys out to kill him. Even a warning by the District Attorney to stay away from the case goes unheeded as events unfold in his daughter’s case pointing Simon toward an eco-terror group and a protégé of his old nemesis, with a devastating mission of his own.Can Simon live long enough to clear his daughter’s name and thwart these iniquitous attacks? With failure not an option, Simon is rapidly caught up in a swirling blend of chaos and death from Las Vegas to Seattle to Belize to Alaska and finally back to Las Vegas where a final showdown will ultimately determine who will live and who will die. A forceful blend of terrorists, a beautiful Mossad agent, and Simon make for a very dangerous combination.

Time Ripples: Dr. Will Stevens, prominent scientist of ancient languages, is hired by EROS Corporation to decipher the hieroglyphic tablets found in the newly discovered ruins. With the help of computer specialist Dr. Sam Smith, they soon learn of the gateway, a time travel portal utilized by an alien race known as the Pakolmeck. Will, Sam, and Will’s ex-fiancé Dr. Elli Young promptly interpret the inner workings of the gateway and time travel quickly becomes available. Soon they also discover the aliens are from a crashed space ship time traveling to the past to influence and alter Earth’s future and to resume their grisly ritual human sacrifices. The time travelers will stop at nothing and are murdering anyone that gets in their way. Only Will, Sam, and Elli realize the true dangers of time travel which creates small rifts in time they name Time Ripples, and decide it has to stop before irreparable damage is done to the fragile fabric of time. This lands them directly into harm’s way when Sam disappears and attempts are made on Will and Elli’s lives. Will understands there is no other choice, this monumental task of stopping this evil plan falls to him and no matter what it takes, he must get it done.

The Visitors: An old man decides to break his silence about an incredible event from his past. During a flying mission in WWII, he encountered something-- unbelievable. Forced to keep quiet or face imprisonment he chose to remain silent-- for over sixty years. Now, in his waning years he decides the time has come. America -- no the world -- needed to know the truth. What was this strange craft he encountered that day? A chance meeting haunted him for years until one fateful night when he saw them again. Who could they be, these Visitors?

Keeping Promises: The surprise alien attack nearly decimated their world…years later a young woman struggles to keep a promise made to her dying father—a promise to keep his dream alive…an ex-warrior strives to live by the oath he took—his promise to serve and protect the people of his world, or die trying…and a man journeys to find his long-lost brother with a promise to deliver a message from his brother’s dying wife—a promise to keep before his own time runs out…but when these lives cross, dangerous and outright deadly things happen. Soon the three realize that life can get complicated very quickly and it’s not always easy—keeping promises.

Keeping Promises was certified as Best Seller on FictionWise Book site:
Tiny Voices: While on a morning jog, a man suffering deep personal sorrow hears voices of dead children asking for help, to be set free. Are they real, or something else…feeling he must have answers, he begins a quest and in doing so learns more than he ever anticipated. Yes, after several unusual encounters he is finally able to learn the truth and what he must do to help – the tiny voices.